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The billiard room at the Senior Center is comprised of three tables and accessories that make a fantastic place to enjoy playing pool with others that share your interests.
The most popular game played is eight ball but you will see some people shooting straight pool, and an occasional nine ball game. It matters not your skill level, only your passion for the game. Most of the crowd haven't shot in years but find it is a great place to share with others what was once a favorite pastime in a smoke free environment without the barroom atmosphere. The pool hall is not men only participation. Ladies are welcome and encouraged to come and polish their skills. Come and enjoy shooting pool all day long for $1.25. That is a dollar at the front desk and .25 paid in the pool room. The .25 in room mandatory maintenance fee is to cover the miscellaneous costs like chalk, pool cue repairs, eventual table recovering, promotions etc.

Pictured at right is our fabulous pool room we like to call "Ye Ol'Pool Hall" featuring new professional solid wood 9 foot Olhausen tables installed 10/14/11.
Ye Ol' Pool Hall is gaining popularity and has a faithful number of players getting good use of our great facility. We are planning to have a barbecue, in house tournaments, as well as trying to set up a league with other pool rooms. So please come join our terrific group and find out why it is said that we have the most fun room at the center. We welcome players of all skill levels and invite you to come have a great time.