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Wickham Wanderers Travel Club schedule of events

Wickham Wanderers is the name of the Senior Center's Travel Club. There is no membership fee involved in the travel club, and everyone is invited to enjoy the day trips, tours, cruises, etc., that are on offer. Plan to visit the Travel Office any week day from 9 am to 4 pm to learn more about the Wickham Wanderers.


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Cut Off Dates

Lately several people have missed cut-off dates and been disappointed, or we have had to cancel day trips because there were not enough people to pay for the transportation etc. If you want to take a trip, do not hesitate to make the reservations. There is a time limit of when we can purchase tickets for events, shows, etc., and if there are not enough people to fill the coach (usually 30 reservations) we have to cancel or risk a considerable expense to the Travel Office.

To help alleviate this problem, we are collaborating with other Senior Centers in the county to offer day trips and fill the coaches. This will mean that the coach will be picking up passengers from two or three different locations both on the mainland and beachside.

For further information of any of the above trips, contact the Travel Office at 321/255-4494, or visit the Wickham Park Senior Center.